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We constantly strives to deliver professional, fun, safe and effective workouts that suit your needs and ability.  Your feedback plays an important role in that process. 

If you would like to leave us some feedback, please do drop us a line.


Thank you for being a part of something amazing!

​What others have to say...


“I wish I'd done Fitness Pilates years ago.......I'm feeling more toned, more flexible and generally more aware of my posture at all times.....because my core is stronger maintaining good posture is easier.”  Kate, Auchendinny


“After recently having had a baby, I have found Rachel’s class great to get back to fitness and to rebuild my core muscles... I have to admit that I love the relaxation session at the end also!  Look forward to trying your candlelight class.” 

Christine, Auchendinny


“I am delighted with the results of doing Pilates for my bad back and always enjoy the classes - well run and relaxed.” 

Gary, Auchendinny


"Love the combination of Zumba and step aerobics in Zumba Step!  Class overall is an excellent effective combination of cardio and toning......I think it has really upped my fitness levels.  Great for toning the thighs and rear!  Love it!"  

Kate, Auchendinny


"Great classes.  Sutiable for everyone as Rachel makes everbody welcome.  If you are looking to get fit or get back to fitness then these classes are for you.  Love it!!" 

Caroline, Penicuik


"Love Evolve Fitness classes.  Rachel is amazing at keeping you motiviated.  Guaranteed you'll leave her classes smiling (hot and sticky)." 

Claire, Auchendinny


"Great classes for all levels of fitness and Rachel makes you smile throughout." 

Suzanne, Penicuik


"Congrats to Rachel, your classes are a great fun way to get fit.  A very friendly person who makes all feel welcome.  Can totally recommend this to all." 

Karen, Edinburgh

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