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Health Questionnaire

It is important for your safety and enjoyment of your workout that we have a good understanding of your current medical and physical status. 


Therefore, we ask all new participants to complete a health questionnaire. There is a COVID-19 specific questionnaire for those attending LIVE classes and a separate questionnaire for those attending ONLINE classes below.

You will only need to complete this form once.  However, if your circumstances change from the details provided please let us know.  We may require you to resubmit your form.

Please click on to the link below to access this form.  A copy of your responses will be emailed to you via the address provided.

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), I confirm that your personal data will not be passed on or sold to any third party for marketing purposes.  All personal data is kept securely and remains strictly confidential.  At no point will any of your personal data be shared or passed on to any other individual, company, social media or online databases without your knowledge and prior written consent.

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