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Evolve Nutrition

Evolve Nutrition offers healthy clean eating programmes, designed to make you feel healthier and lose weight if that is your goal.  There is absolutely no calorie counting involved, you will simply be eating real food with a high nutritional content.  It is suitable for you whether you wish to lose weight or simply just want to feel good and eat healthily.


You won't be starving yourself, it doesn't work.  You won't be tricking your body with chemicals, it doesn't work.  You won't be on a low fat diet, it doesn't work.  Most conventional low fat diet plans don't work in the long term because you are undernourished, eating flavourless food, not addressing sugar addiction and you're starving!


What is clean eating?


Everyone's definition is different, but what everyone does agree on, is that it eliminates processed foods and refined sugars.  On these programmes we will also be cutting out gluten, alcohol and limiting dairy.  Your body will get everything it needs and more as we focus on real foods, which will provide you with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  There is some cooking involved, but it doesn't need to be complicated, it just needs some forward planning.


How does it work?


Throughout the year we run various online clean eating programmes ranging from a five day fat burner to a full 6 week nutritional programme. 


When you sign up you will be required to have your measurements taken before and after each programme, this is so that we can see your results at the end of the programme.  You will also be required to complete out a short health questionnaire asking you some questions about your health, height, weight and goals.  All information remains strictly confidential!





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