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From 1 October 2018 we shall be switching over to an online booking system, BookWhen, for ALL CLASSES, which means to attend a class you will need to follow this link to book your place at the class of your choosing [].  This will also be paid for at the time of your booking.  

You can buy a single class online for £5 or buy a 10 Class Pass e-card for £45.  You will not receive a 'physical' pass or card, this will all now be online! Please note that there will be a small online admin charge for purchasing a single class and a 10 class passcard which does not go to us, but to the booking company.

All online passcards will have an automatic time restriction of 6 months from the date of purchase.  So please ensure that you are using up all of your classes, otherwise after 6 months they will disappear and you will need to purchase a new card.

Once you are set up, the system is very simple and quick to use and can be done in just a few clicks.  You can either book your classes from week to week or, if you prefer, you could even plan out your workouts for the next few weeks ahead and book them in advance.  AND, this will also remove the need to “sign in” at class and queue to pay, as you will already have done this. 

Once you have booked your class, you will receive a confirmation email containing details of your booking.  An automated reminder will be sent to the day before you are due to attend class, giving you plenty of notice in case you wish to transfer or cancel your booking.

You can still choose to simply drop-in to classes if you wish (apart from ZUMBA STEP) at a class fee of £6.  This can be pain in class by cash or bank card or here, using the drop down menu below.  PLEASE NOTE that you will no longer be able to purchase 10 Class Passcards in class.  Passcards can now only be purchased using the online booking system.

To select any other service that you wish to pay for, simply click on the drop down box below.

If you are purchasing a Massage or KCR treatment, please ensure that you have booked your appointment prior to payment. Gift vouchers are available upon request in email format.  Please ensure that you provide the correct name of the recipient and email.

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