Zumba® Fitness

Zumba® fitness is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™


Classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.  My Zumba® classes are:


  • suitable for all levels of fitness

  • easy-to-follow

  • has a good mix of rhythms such as merengue, salsa, cumbia, samba, quebradita, flamenco, calypso, bhangra and belly dance to name a few


You can't do Zumba® wrong, everyone naturally moves differently!


Please come along and dance yourself into shape in no time! 


What should I wear?

Something that's not too tight and allows you to move freely. You will get warm in the class so try to pick something that won't make you too hot.  It's recommended that you wear a supportive bra.  Please wear trainers that have good support and cushioning. Your trainers should allow you to turn on the ball of your foot on wooden flooring.


Do I need to book a place?

All classes are now booked online using BookWhen.  To book your place simply click onto the BOOK A CLASS link above.  Bookings are pre-paid online at £5 for a single class or you can purchase a 10 class pass for £45.  A small admin fee of 3.4% + 20p will be added to your total.

You can of course still drop-in.  Drop-in class fees are £6 for a single class.  You are no longer able to purchase a 10 class pass in class.  This is only available via the online booking system. 

All new participants will be asked to complete a very short health questionnaire which you can either download by clicking HERE or complete at the class.

Will it be too much for me?

If you need to you can just make all the movements smaller, leave out arm movements if you wish, step instead of jump and take the low options.  You are completely free to work at your own level.  


Will it be too easy, I like a high impact workout?

No!  Make movements bigger, sink into the legs more, jump higher and take the high options and you'll get a great workout!  


But I can't dance and have no co-ordination

I hear this a LOT! It really doesn’t matter! Zumba® is a blend of dance and fitness, it is not a dance class.  All instructors have a different style, some more dance than fitness and some more fitness than dance.  My routines are more fitness based and while we do use dance moves they are simple to follow and repetitive. You do not need to be able to dance to do Zumba®!


Is there anyone that shouldn't come to the class?

No under 16s and no pregnant ladies please. Also, please don't attend if you have been told by your doctor to avoid cardiovascular exercise.  Any concerns please contact me.


What will I gain from coming?

Zumba® fitness classes are excellent for cardiovascular fitness and will burn loads of calories.  Some of the exercises will help to develop your core stability muscles and increase muscular endurance.  I hope that you will leave smiling and that you enjoy the class.  The classes are great fun!


Drop me an email if you have any questions!


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